e-books or inked books?

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Blogs

In reply to Lottie Nevin’s post

I have been discussing on and off about getting either a Kindle, iPad, Galaxy Note, or any other gizmo to give me access to the many e-books I have. I hate not having anything to read anywhere.

Like yourself, I have not found a good source of English books that close to where I live, when I am in Jakarta. I have found a second-hand book store with a very limited collection. though in the market close to home.

i think I would rather prefer books, for longer reads. I love the smell of freshly pressed pages, flipping them and scanning them when a bookmark goes missing. I could highlight passages, write on the books, accidentally bookmarking pages with coffee and food stains and nostalgia.

I tend to lose some of my good books, as they go around shared and often never return. I don’t usually mind, as long as they’re read. I, like you, visually eavesdrop on a person’s personality and private conversations with his book on the train or bus here. It tells me something about the person reading it. Sometimes, we strike a conversation over it.

The hard task of accounting what to leave behind in Singapore is a hard choice for a hoarder of books. The books serve as a reminder of the inspiration behind the purchase, the significant events around then.

It reminds me of Marshall McLuhan, the social theorist, who once famously said, the medium is the message. A book does tell a story before it is even opened.


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