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We’re covered with microbes inside out, and it’s crucial that we are.

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The human genome is made up of about 23,000 genes. That’s a fairly impressive figure. Until you consider this: the number of non-human genes each of us carries around — from the bacteria, viruses and other pathogens living in and on us — totals 8 million.

Most of the cells in the human body aren’t even human. Indeed, bacterial cells outnumber human cells 10 to 1. Which is why the exploration of the human microbiome — the collective population of all the non-human cells and genes that inhabit us — is currently one of the fastest rising fields of medical research.

What scientists are discovering is that these microbes are not just freeloaders or invaders. Rather, they’re crucial facilitators of many of our basic bodily functions: from digesting food and producing vitamins to fending off harmful infection and recovering from illness. They not only keep people healthy, but they may…

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“Minimize doubt. Find a way—a method, a trick, a psychological tic to dissolve doubt’s potency. You will most likely always be working alongside it, so best to have some useful way of repelling it. I write against it, a little like diving into a cold pool of water—scary but invigorating. Generally, it does the trick. But if that doesn’t work, get up and do something else. Forget about it for a while.
Be gentle with yourself—you will find so many reasons not to be. But it’s most likely your kindness toward yourself (I’m not saying self-indulgence) that will help you alongside the rigors of constant, daily writing.
I can’t speak to a practice that is anything less than daily. It’s the only one I know, so it’s the one I peddle.
By writing daily, you make it your life.” – Anne Germanacos

ph.d. in creative writing

As writers, we live double lives: lived once in the world of others, and again, in the quiet of our own minds. It takes a certain amount of will and courage to leave with regularity the circle of humanity in order to enact a kind of theft, which is one aspect of what the writing life seems to be.

Anne Germanacos is the author of the short story collection In the Time of Girls (BOA Editions). Born in San Francisco, she has lived in Greece for over thirty years. Together with her husband, Nick Germanacos, she ran the Ithaka Cultural Studies Program on the islands of Kalymnos and Crete, and taught writing, literature, and Modern Greek. She holds an MFA from the Bennington Writing Seminars. Her work has appeared in over eighty literary reviews and anthologies, including Dzanc’s Best of the Web 2009. She and her husband have four…

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Life Lessons 101

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Life Lessons 101.

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This is how Monsanto operates, attempting to collect royalty in perpetuity. Do you think it’s fair?

Five Million Brazilian Farmers Sue Monsanto.

Simple food for the soul :-)

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Simple food for the soul 🙂.

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I suppose e-books are more eco-friendly the printed books.

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I always have been a book person. I’ve been collecting them since I was three, from the Sesame Street how-to-count books to Maurice by E.M. Forster. I love the feel of books, the smell of them, everything about them. Also, vainly enough, I like the way books look on shelves; I have a tendency to arrange them by color. There’s just nothing like a book!

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