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The Hermit, Ryder-Waite Pack

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Life, sometimes, is not too easy. We all take in stride and do the best we can the best we know how. We simply HAVE  to trust our abilities, our judgements, our soul, our values, our yearnings and how we define and perceive ourselves. All these aspects are sorely tested and we yearn for authenticity. We do the best we can as we sojourn our dark hours, as Persephone descends into Hades. We have to find solace in our Hermit self, the archetype of the learning space of our spirit, and once we learn our lessons, or perhaps bide our time as destiny determines, we rise as Phoenixes resurrected. Tempered by the furnace of the Fates, we learn in humility our strength as Kings and Queens of our Destiny, and then rebuild our Castle which may have been been torn down.