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Elizabeth Gilbert Speaks on Nurturing Creativity for TED:


I came across something I found insightful regarding the creative process on TED. Elizabeth Gilbert talks about being vulnerable as creative people often do. Ms Gilbert, if you have not heard of her, wrote the popular book “Eat Pray Love”. I read the book quite some time ago, when I found myself in the peculiar position of going through a difficult divorce. (Yes, and I watched the movie, too. And, needless to say, the book is far better than the movie as usual.)

She speaks about her own vulnerability as a result of her own success; she has to confront the expectations and pressures of writing something that has got to be as spectacularly successful as her previous work.

I will let her speak for herself, and I hope it will encourage us to respect our creative Djinn, Daemon or Muse, whatever we might call ours, and write in spite of its silence. I hope you’d find it as inspiring as I did, or more.

Elizabeth Gilbert on Nurturing Creativity