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Blogging Addictively

Posted: May 4, 2012 in Blogs
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I wrote this a few minutes ago in reply to healthdemystified‘s post on being a blogaholic. I happen to believe that many people do everything, or most things fairly, sustainably. I find that an addiction is not necessarily a bad thing. my addiction to apples might just help keep my cholesterol level down, thanks to pectin-infused blood vessels. On the other hand, if I have insulin issues, I might want to regulate sweetness in my veins. I suppose it’s just whether the habits we have are dysfunctional or sustainable, or even worthwhile.


If I am unemployed and allow my addiction to interfere with my job hunt, it then poses a problem in a few ways;

#1 paying the grocer’s, mortgage, bills, and the like.

#2: the possible scenario where I have no internet connection due to #1.

#3. the lack of sunlight due to blogging in darkness might cause Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) which will lead me to be sad, and deteriorate the register of my writing, unless I have been writing pretty sad blogs all along.

#4. My health will suffer as a consequence and cholesterol might be clogging my arteries. I might get suffer cardiac arrest, die and a mind chockful of ideas would be found in a skull mounted on a web-strewn laptop.


#1. Now, that should be a sufficient reason to look for a job, or in the case of someone who’s employed, to do it well, get some exercise, and be a sustainable blogger.

#2. One could also blog on one’s field of expertise and gain kudos for one’s insightful grasp of a professional subject matter, get a raise and be invited to champagne-laced events where I’d be the one being toasted.

#3. Good writing is as much a result of good reading habits. One keeps the brain from succumbing to Alzeheimer’s.

#4. One is interacting with the world, assimilating information, criticising it and sharing it with the world to the best of one’s wit and wordsmithery, with a personal touch. One is connected to the world of ideas, and less likely to turn into a Unabomber recluse.

#5. It keeps a person away from being a lager lout or a swiss-cheese brained meth-head junkie.

Now, whether this is a dysfunctional affliction or not, that is for the individual to decide. At the end of the day, a person without an addiction is a person without passion. Agree?