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Blog? But why?

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Blogs
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I do not know what to make of this blog. There are too many competiting voices inside my head; politics; humanity; creative writing; ideas for lessons, but the easiest one is probably to use this as an avenue to unburden my thoughts from clutter. After a long ‘meeting’ over a stream of lager with an ‘life-experienced’ ex-colleague and an amateur blogger of many years, this is what I derived:

1. I can look at things somewhat resigned and nihilistic and realise that the world will just be the same as it ever has, with its flaws and beauty, inhumanity and the victories of the human spirit against its travails.

2. I have a limited number of years, and I should know what matters, at the end of one’s day and life. I should choose what I want to be exasperated about enough to write about it.  I will need to bridle my curiosity, and I am a very curious invidivual. Life is transient, ephemeral, and departure is often sudden, as a recent bereavement has taught me.

3. Be true to myself and basically STW if they cannot accept my idiosyncrasies which I am entitled to as long as they do not  traumatise others.

4. I need to unprison my creativity, most of it hidden behind mental clutter.

5. I should give the alter-egos in my head some breathing space.

5.Finally, I shouldn’t really care if anyone does read this blog.  I am writing this because I like to write and because I think I can.