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Posted: April 15, 2012 in Blogs
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Over the past few years, I have tranformed from being in a fairly active gym-goer with a decent BMI to something like being a WTF thanks to a slightly herniated back. I have a tendency to go a little overboard with the gymming (5 times a week, 2-3 hours each), so I stayed away completely. I realised I shouldn’t have but I could have worked on isolation machines and keep the other healthy parts working and strengthen my core muscles.

Gymming takes discipline, like going to church when one doesn’t want to, and it is a meditative workout as well. I push myself to the max (which isn’t a lot!) and then beyond that I think of the people who have not been kind and I can lift a little more, run a little harder or longer.

The best things about gymming are probably that I replace a chronic need for massage with the healthier happier pain of muscle growth. It also kept me feeling younger and being more agile. My clothes fit better and I stood taller. My mind was alive and it felt happier, I substituted my love for Tiger with EAS and On supplements. My knowledge of  arcane biochemistry bloomed and the cheerful ones of  the ‘Best Happy Hours’ declined.

Today, the belly hunches over my belt and aching doughy shoulders and scapulae has replaced rippling deltoids (under the right lighting conditions) and a thick back that has worn out the hands of many experienced masseuses.

It’s definitely time for a change. Now here’s my plan.

1. Walk-a-jog I used to walk and run for an hour at least, a distance from Vivocity down to Middle Road or halfway to Clarke Quay and back. I get bored easily so it is easier to do with music. Sometimes, I bring my DSLR with me and allow myself to get distracted and get off the path to explore hidden lanes and alleys. I begin to appreciate buildings in a different light as the setting sun flatters the architectural features of old shophouses, skyscrapers and attractive women; the seedy neon lights of Club Street buzz alive in constrast with the striking blue of twilight. If you do notice a happy DSLR toting 40-ish man trotting by, do say “How’s it going, matey? Keep it up!”

2. Get back into the old gym (sheepishly) and start really light to ease the cells in my body into the new organisational goals and strategic plans for this corporation and retrench the fat cells.

3. Eat right. No white carbs (I love rice!) and go for brown low GI carbs. Eat white meat instead of red meat. Eat a kaleidoscope of fruit and vegetables.

4. Inject new ideologies and propaganda into an otherwise dystopic Derrida-esque manifesto that had insiduously sneaked into my psyche while studying critical theory and post-modernism. Derrida’s nihilism does nothing for post-modernists. Watch more Doctor Oz, Rocky and Rambo movies and pat myself for the things I am doing right.

5. Keep people who do not share the direction I have laid out for myself, no matter how good or well-meaning they are at a very healthy distance. I am not perfect and I can imagine that some people may even find me even toxic and that is okay. For the both of us.

6. Get involved. Send out resumes for a new path and energised life. Recognise my talents and honour them. Have faith my intuition that we are here for a purpose and it’s not for the latest episodes of  ‘A Minute to Win It ‘or the Net. I don’t want to Youtube and Facebook my life away. I need new stories for my blog and it won’t be found on a couch molded in heaven.

In  a nutshell,

exercise right;

eat right;

think right;

socialise right;

act right.

Sound somewhat Buddhist, doesn’t it?