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As tired as my eyes are and as sluggish my mind is on this quiet Sunday morning, I have decided to spread more pixels on this digital papyrus.

I was reading Paulo Coelho’s blog about routines. I prefer to think of them as habits, good ones and bad ones.

Both good habits and bad ones, are created by our sense of who we are, our inertia, and particularly, our fears.

I think that every new door is confronted by many with fear. One of the key purposes of life I think is to identify our fears – which we might secretly consider restrictive – and walk through them.

The goal is to overcome our fear (our fear of change, abandonment of our comfort zones, pain, and even the imagined consequences of success, which does not fit into our current worldview and self-perception).

One fear I have is that of heights. I have confronted that fear several times many years ago. As a student, my experiences in the Outward Bound School gave me the opportunity to face up to it through confidence obstacle courses, rock-climbing, abseiling, run-downs, diving among other activities. Later on in life, I also bungee-jumped while on a trip to Hell’s Gate, Taupo, New Zealand. Other things I have listed on my bucket list include skydiving and more rock-climbing.